My name is Jacob and I’ve been handling stethoscopes for the past 45 years now. Almost on a daily basis I get basic questions about my stethoscope and where one could buy one of their own. Questions that to a trained professional seem pretty straight forward to answer. That is why I decided to start this site to offer some basic advice about medical supplies and, more in particular, stethoscopes!

At the same time I will be reviewing some of the most used medical supplies that professionals use. My ultimate goal would be to make sure that you would know (eventually) just as much as we do!

Did you know you can use a stethoscope to listen to a tree’s heartbeat? The sap that flows just below the bark does so in pulses. Not unlike how our blood travels to our body in pulses too. By using a stethoscope you can hear this tree-sap pulsating beneath the bark. The trees are alive and well and their “hearts” are beating too!

I hope this site will offer you some in depth info and hopefully the reviews I plan on doing will offer you with enough information to make informed purchasing decisions!