Vorfreude Stethoscope – German Engineering at its finest

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From the German word for anticipation, this German stethoscope really lives up to its name. From the very first second you hold a vorfreude stethoscope in your hand, you can’t help but think “Why did I spend so much on that Littmann”?

This stethoscope is a bit of a specialty as Vorfreude offers you a lifetime replacement guarantee. This basically renders your purchase risk-free. They state on their website that if you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it easily and effortlessly back to them. In return they will offer you a replacement for free, should you so wish.

Amazon quite often has really good prices on these stethoscopes. Check out if they are on sale here:

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Lighter than Littmann

The vorfreude stethoscope has the same dimensions as a Littmann Master Cardiology, while being 5% lighter. This will prevent you getting strained necks from carrying your stethoscope around your neck. The diaphragm edges have a mirror finish to prevent corrosion and pitting.

As it is manufactured and engineered in German you get to enjoy the famous German engineering quality when you buy this stethoscope. Its acoustics truly rival that of a Littmann, while costing only a fraction.

The perfect medical gift

The complete Vorfreude stethoscope kit as described here not only features the stethoscope, it also has 4 replacement ear tips, a free Vorfreude pupil pen light and two AAA batteries. This makes it the perfect medical gift for you budding medical student or doctor-friend. Moreover this gift will last a lifetime thanks to Vorfreude’s lifetime replacement guarantee.

The stethoscope’s patented BiChannel alignment allows you to flexibly adjust the headset and ear tips. This ensures a comfortable fit for a wide range of canal vector alignments.

Has some resemblance to Littmann

The dual lumen tube design and single head eliminates ambient noise interference. As a result this vorfreude stethoscope is perfect for EMT’s!

The tunable diaphragm utilizes patented “PressFrequency”-technology that reminds strongly of the Littmann’s tunable diaphragm technology. Due to this fact this vorfreude stethoscope becomes a dream to handle for someone who is used to master a Littmann.


Amazon customer review

Here’s what a previous purchaser of a vorfreude stethoscope had to say when they purchased one on amazon:

“My best friends son is only in early high school but has already been accepted into an internship program at their local hospitals emergency room. He is an incredibly smart and talented kid who already knows that he wants to go into some form of medicine when he graduates. Because of this, I have been looking for anything that might help him in his future endeavors in the medical profession.

This stethoscope is high quality and something that hopefully will last him a long while. Even better is that it comes with a bunch of smaller items to help assist in using it. (Think spare ear buds, penlight, name tag, etc). It’s packaged nicely as well so that it can’t be broken or mishandled during shipping. The whole combination of features is wonderful and the customer service is even better. I highly recommend the vorfreude stethoscope for anyone who works in home health or the medical field.”


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Possible dealbreaker

In about 5% of cases it has been reported that the diaphragm which is attached to the Vorfreude stethoscope, tends to pop off. However thanks to the guarantee that Vorfreude provides you should be fine. The overall majority of people have reported no issues.


Stethoscope For Sale – Get the best deals right here!

Let’s take a look at some of the best stethoscope for sale deals at this time of writing. I went to amazon and I listed for you guys some of the best deals I could find. Let’s take a look at a few:

MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope - All Black (MDF747XP-BO)

MDF Acoustica has been handcrafting their stethoscopes since 1971. It has a lifetime-warranty, features a Free-Parts-for-Life Program AND is Latex Free.
Constructed from acoustically-superior stainless steel, the MDF MD One Stethoscope delivers accurate auscultation of heart, lung, and Korotkoff sounds with acoustic integrity and clarity. An ergonomic design ensures comfort for the doctor and patient, even during extended use.

The MD One is a premier diagnostic instrument with unmatched performance, durability, and aesthetics.


The handcrafted stainless steel dual-head chestpiece is precisely machined and hand polished for the highest performance and durability. The full-rotation acoustic valve stem with green indicator dot allows the user to easily identify the active sound channel and seals in sound.

Acoustic Tubing:

Constructed of thicker, denser, latex-free PVC, the Y-configuration non-stick acoustic tubing provides insulation for superior sound transmission and seals out ambient noise while preventing the cracking and wearing that can occur from repeated use. In addition the longer-than-average length allows a comfortable space between health professional and patient.

Acoustic Pyramid Chamber:

A patented internal metal-alloy chamber located in the acoustic tubing below the spring keeps the tubing channel open for maximum sound transmission into the headset.

ErgonoMax Headset:

Hand polished, pre-angled stainless steel headset features a patented internal dual-leaf spring construction for durability and custom fit. Soft silicone ComfortSeal eartips (available in standard and small sizes) are clear for hygienic purposes and conform to the ear to seal out extraneous noise while ensuring comfort during extended use. In addition Patented SafetyLock eartip adaptors lead the industry in user safety. Included Accessories: 2 extra sets ComfortSeal eartips, spare ultrasensitive diaphragm, and ID tag.

In addition as this is retailing on amazon for $70, however now for only $25 makes this a great stethoscope for sale!




Vorfreude Cardiology Stethoscope Lifetime Replacement Guarantee


German engineering at its finest.

This Vorfreude® Cardiology Stethoscope offers the industry’s strongest warranty; Full Lifetime Replacement. Simply contact us from your point of purchase; we will mail a brand new replacement.

PressFrequency™ pinpoints any frequency, within the audible range, by diaphragm pressure with high acoustic sensitivity for superior performance.

This Vorfreude® Cardiology Stethoscope includes: a replacement diaphragm, 4 replacement ear tips, a solid carry case for replacements, a customizable stethoscope nameplate, a pupil penlight, and penlight batteries included.

Patented BiChannel™ allows binaural flow contained within single master tubing reducing weight.

Oversized stainless steel bell with non-chill ring and ergonomic noise cancelling grip increases the audible volume.

Hypoallergenic latex free, PBA free, stainless steel, and sterilized at the factory testing facility.

Instructions for use

l. Chestpiece

The Oversized stainless steel bell with non-chill ring and ergonomic noise cancelling grip increases the audible volume while ensuring a firm grip on the chestpiece. Take care that loose clothing or mechanical watches do not contact the bell housing to avoid audible interference.

2. Changing Frequencies Using PressFrequency™ Diaphragm.

This Vorfreude® Cardiology Stethoscope diaphragm allows for full audible range focus with PressFrequency™.  Simply apply more pressure to hear different sound frequencies!

A. Low Frequencies:

To listen at low frequencies, apply the lightest pressure on the diaphragm.

B. High Frequencies:

To listen at high frequencies, press the diaphragm firmly on the chestpiece.

3. Patented BiChannel™ Allows Binaural Flow:

A. This Vorfreude® Cardiology Stethoscope is designed to provide a comfortable fit while acoustically sealing to your ear canal. The binaural are set to accommodate the typical ear canal with comfort tip in the forward direction as shown.


This is an amazing steal as this retails usually for $289 USD on amazon. However this is now a stethoscope for sale and is going for only $49.87 USD!

Here is what one customer on Amazon had to say:

“It was packaged perfectly, so nothing would break or get damaged during shipping, loved the extra!

Vorfreude Cardiology Stethoscope is the most flexible of them all! It has a two-sided tunable chest piece that has a real side for the adult patients and a smaller side for the pediatric patients. The client can likewise change over the stomach to an open chime by expelling the stomach on the pediatric side and append the no chill sleeve.

My Impression of the Vorfreude Cardiology Stethoscope

The imaginative Vorfreude Cardiology Stethoscope takes out tube rubbing clamor while you have the versatile comfort of a solitary sided trunk piece. The Snap-Tight delicate fixing ear-tips offer superb acoustic seal and this item likewise incorporates an uncommon methods connector for a troublesome site or pediatric auscultation.

Best Qualities of Vorfreude Cardiology Stethoscope?
• It’s light weight so it will turn out to be light on the shoulder.
• Length of tubing is sufficiently long for proper examination of the patient. 
• Stomachs must be comprised of excellent PE compound film, tar with adaptability. It is ideal to have 35mm stomachs for grown-up use, 25 mm for pediatric use and 45mm for cardiology use.
• Degree ought to have non-chill edge, agreeable ear piece, stainless steel binaural and tube divider should sufficiently thick to distance from external sounds blending

In conclusion: One of the best.”


Still doubting? Click here to read more customer reviews!

Littmann Cardiology 3 Review

The Littmann Cardiology 3 is known to be the somewhat holy-grail of stethoscopes currently. Although the Cardiology 4 is out already this stethoscope is high regarded in the medical field.

The tunable diaphragm that 3M has patented is ideal for listening to low and high frequency sounds. More so the diaphragm has been designed to easily switch from adult to pediatric diaphragms.


Littmann Cardiology 3 stethoscope

Weight: 13.6 ounces | Length: 27″ | Warranty: 5 years

littmann cardiology 3, littmann cardiology 3 review, littmann stethoscope cardiology 3 review, littmann cardiology iii, littmann cardiology iii review, littmann stethoscope cardiology iii review


Littmann Cardiology 3 features:

littmann cardiology 3, littmann cardiology 3 review, littmann stethoscope cardiology 3 review, littmann cardiology iii, littmann cardiology iii review, littmann stethoscope cardiology iii review, Littmann Stethoscope Cardiology 3 diaphragmYou might be put off by the price, but trust us, this stethoscope is worth your investment. Just make sure you maintain it properly throughout its lifetime and your set for life! Because let’s be honest, what is $200+ USD divided over a lifetime?

It has a solid stainless steel chest-piece, non-chill rims, adjustable double-lead binaural spring and patented soft sealing ear tips.


Acoustic features:

If you are a medical professional, specialized in Cardiology, you require this stethoscope. However if you are just starting out, I would rather go with a Classic model.

Very rarely it is necessary to have this level of acoustics when you are just starting out. However for cardiologists this stethoscope’s acoustics are out of this world. Combined with the tunable diaphragm make sure you provide excellent care!

Some Neurologists state that they use the pediatric diaphragm to listen for carotid and femoral bruits on adult patients.  Some will remove the pediatric diaphragm side and use it as a bell while other say it works fine with the diaphragm.


Tube length:

The tube length for this model Littmann cardiology 3 stethoscope is 27 inches. It’s not too long that it’ll snag everywhere you go. It’s not too short either, saving your back as you do auscultations.

Some users have reported the tubing cracking after 7+ years of use, however if you read this article you should be fine! Plus also 3M has an excellent service and repair program. If necessary you can get your stethoscope refurbished for $60 or less.


It’s definitely not thlittmann cardiology 3, littmann cardiology 3 review, littmann stethoscope cardiology 3 review, littmann cardiology iii, littmann cardiology iii review, littmann stethoscope cardiology iii review, Littmann Stethoscope Cardiology iii sideviewe lightest stethoscope out there.  At 13.6 ounces you will feel it hanging around your neck as you wear it. However if you need to use it, you just have to grin and bear it.

There are heavier ones on the market that perform just as well, so in that respect the Littmann cardiology 3 is not a bad choice.

At the same time if you easily get a stiff neck or suffer from shoulder problems, there are lightweight stethoscopes out there that perform a little worse than this one. However if that means not needing a neck massage every time you get off work then maybe it’s worth it!



The Littmann Cardiology iii stethoscope has a 5 year warranty.  If you are outside of the United States, you may want to check with the Littmann Technical Assistance for your country. Most owners do not need to activate the warranty. Simple maintenance, prevention,  and cleaning is all that is needed to make your stethoscope last.


Ear tips:

This stethoscope comes with 3 sets of ear tips.  Most reviews talk of using the gel-like soft bud tips as they provide a snug fit. As a result they help drown out some white noise and help with auscultations.

Especially EMT’s using a Littmann cardiology 3 report using the gel-buds as they often have to check patients in loud environments (think blazing sirens). But as always 3M offers the luxury of choice. With 3 styles to choose from I’m sure you’ll find the tips that fit your ears perfectly!


In conclusion

If you need a cardiology grade stethoscope, by all means go out and buy a Littmann cardiology 3 or even 4!

However if you do not need one or if you are just starting med school, go for a simpler one. Your rich friends might show off theirs around campus, but chances are they’ll never need to use the specific features that make this stethoscope so great.

They’d basically be driving a Ferrari in a residential area. It has the potential, but rarely sees it used.

That analogy holds through all the way. The Littmann Cardiology truly is a fantastic piece of kit and I’m sure if you do decide to get one you won’t regret it!

My Littmann Stethoscope Tubing Cracked – What Now?

littmann stethoscope tubing cracked

You’ve worn your trusty stethoscope, let’s assume a littmann, around your neck for years. However one morning you notice something upsetting. Your littmann stethoscope tubing cracked! Furiously you think of all the treatments you have used in order to prevent this from happening. Apparently all in vane.

What do you do now? where do you go and who do you call? Ghostbusters? I doubt it.. .

There are some very common reasons as to why this happens. And luckily we’ll go through them in a second. Let’s take a look at why this happens.

Why does tubing crack?

You overwipe!

One of the main reasons why the tubing on your stethoscope has cracked is probably because you profusely wipe rubbing alcohol onto it. Just as your hands might crack when you wash it too often, so does the tubing on your stethoscope. The alcohol in the cleaning agent gently eats away at the rubber tubing, leaving it frail and vulnerable.
A good rule of thumb when to clean your stethoscope is to use “Armor All” about once a month for a thorough clean.

You wear your Littmann around your neck!

It looks really cool and it makes you look like a real doctor. I know. Not to mention the ease of just “whipping” out your stethoscope at the sight of a patient. It’s really easy to wear your stethoscope around your neck. However the not-so-nice result is that eventually your tubing will crack. Just because you wear it around your neck.


Well.. the oils coming from your skin and hair follicles have a detrimental effect on the rubber tubing of your stethoscope. And that is probably why your littmann stethoscope tubing cracked!

The solution is fairly simple. Keep your stethoscope in your front-pocket. Just as easy to “whip” out, but might not look as cool.


How to prevent your tubing from cracking?

As mentioned above just make sure that if you wear your stethoscope around your neck, it doesn’t touch your skin. You can have it curl up and under your collar for extra protection.

Additionally it might make sense to keep the use of rubbing alcohol to a minimum. The rubbing alcohol eats away at the rubber tubing and slowly disintegrates it.

Lastly about once a month treat the tubing with “Armor All“-rubber protectant. It is traditionally used in cars to protect the dashboard from wear and tear, however it works wonders for your tubing!


What to do when the tubing has cracked?

So the worst has happened and the tubing HAS cracked. What can you do now?

If you have a littmann, as I’m sure most of you do, they actually offer a full refurbishing service. Don’t rush out and go get a new one, get it refurbished instead. Send it to 3M and they’ll take care of it. The total cost for you will be around $60 so it’s nothing to be too concerned about. And hey, in return you get a stethoscope that looks just like new!

Go to 3M’S website for more details: http://www.3m.com/services or call them at: 800-426-8688 and press #2


Cheap Golden Lightweight stethoscope – Check out the Best Prices!

cheap golden lightweight stethoscope

My previous post on stethoscope prices seemed to draw attention to one stethoscope in particular. The ADC Adscope 645 Gold Sprague Stethoscope 18K Gold Plated W/Black Tube. As a result I thought I’d list some more cheap golden lightweight stethoscope. If the emails I got were anything to go by, I hope this will be exactly what you asked for!

First let’s start with the one mentioned in our previous post:

Golden stethoscope metal finish

ADC Adscope 645 Gold Sprague Stethoscope 18K Gold Plated W/Black Tube

cheap golden lightweight stethoscope, ADC® Adscope® 645 Gold Sprague Stethoscope 18K Gold Plated W/Black Tube

Don’t let the looks of this stethoscope fool you. You might think all you’re paying for would be the fancy look of this stunning stethoscope. And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. However the sensitivity of this ADC Adscope stethoscope truly is exquisite. A customer even wrote on amazon that it rivals that of some of the Littmanns he owns.

The downside of this stethoscope is that it is a Sprague-type stethocope, making the head quite heavy. It also comes with a bag however that one is quite big too. All in all a decent stethoscope that will truly make you look professional!


MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope – Rose Gold Edition

cheap golden lightweight stethoscope, MDF MD One Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope - Rose Gold Edition - White (MDF777RG-29)

Another stunning stethoscope, this time from MD One. There is something about metal finishes on a stethoscope that just scream out luxury. However for this golden finish you do not have to pay luxury prices. At less than $100 this stethoscope is well within your budget.

Auscultate in luxury and pick up crisp, clear heart, lung, and bowel sounds. Its stainless steel construction, anatomically angled headset, super-sensitive diaphragm, extra-thick latex-free white PVC tubing, and super-soft silicone ComfortSeal Eartips all contribute to make it the dependable and high-performing stethoscope it is known to be.

This stethoscope comes with 3 pairs of MDF ComfortSeal eartips: Small, Regular, and Large. In addition, eartips are included in their Free-parts-for-life Program.

Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethescope, Gold Edition, Black

cheap golden lightweight stethoscope, Prestige Medical Clinical Lite Stethescope, Gold Edition, Black

Black and gold definitely are a winning combination.

Here is a review by a happy customer on amazon:

“I’m in nursing school and didn’t want to purchase the cheapo stethoscope that they were selling at the college bookstore. After doing some research I settled on this one. Almost a year of use later, I can say I’m very pleased! The sensitivity of this stethoscope rivals that of the Littmans I’ve used (I purposefully compared them after I first got this)! This has held up well and shows all intentions of lasting for many years to come.

The only issue I’ve found is you need to make sure the earpiece tips stay screwed on tight. I almost lost one when I first started using this (guessing it wasn’t as tight as it should have been from the manufacturer). Since then I’ve gotten into the habit of double checking them. I haven’t had one loosen up on me since that first time – but I check out of habit now. I haven’t seen a better deal for the money. Highly recommend!”

With a rating of 4 stars out of 5 you can’t go wrong with this stunning golden stethoscope.

Cheap golden lightweight stethoscope by price:

Finally the list you have been waiting for. Next I’ll present you some really cheap golden lightweight stethoscopes. All of these stethoscopes are $50 or less.



Dixie Ems Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope Black Tubing With Gold Plating

Dixie Ems Sprague Rappaport Dual Head Stethoscope Black Tubing With Gold Plating

Just like 3 out of 5 stethoscopes featured in our list, this one also is a black/gold combination. It has 5 interchangeable chestpiece fittings including 3 bells. In addition it has 3 interchangeable eartip sets – plastic, silicone and mushroom types. 22 Inch tubing and is gold plated. At less than $15 you’ll not only look cool using this stethoscope, you’re putting money in the bank at the same time!

Jiaten Stethoscope Blue,Gold

cheap golden lightweight stethoscope

A cheap Chinese stethoscope might sound suspicious. However this Jiaten cheap golden lightweight stethoscope is one of the best stethoscopes under $20 money can buy. Just as the Dixie Sprague stethoscope, this one also comes with 3 interchangeable eartip sets – plastic, silicone and mushroom types. Furthermore it features 22 inch double tube for improved sound and has am adjustable binaural with metal spring. It comes with 11/4 inch, 1 inch and 3/4 inch adult and pediatric diaphragms.

Last but not least what is, to my opinion, the finest cheap golden lightweight stethoscope:

Prestige Medical Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope, Gold Edition

cheap golden lightweight stethoscope, Prestige Medical Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope, Gold Edition, 7.3 Ounce

About the Product
  • Accessories Included: Soft PVC ear tips, adult and pediatric diaphragms, pediatric disc and diaphragm assembly
  • Overall Length: Appx. 30″
  • Weight: Appx. 7.2 oz
  • Warranty: Lifetime with Free Lifetime Replacement Parts
  • Ideal For: General Practitioners, Nurses, Nursing Students, Medical Students, ER, EMTs 

Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope. (Gold Edition) The most widely used stethoscope in the healthcare industry. With its unique five-in-one design, the Sprague-Rappaport stethoscope is the most versatile stethoscope available. Comes with a full accessory pouch with interchangeable parts to convert the stethoscope to suit the user’s requirements.


Littmann Classic iii Review

littmann classic iii. littmann classic III, littmann classic III review, best littmann classic III, litman classic iii, littman classic iii, littman classic iii

The 3M Littmann Classic iii Stethoscope offers high acoustic performance. It’s tunable diaphragm is a real timesaver during diagnostics. The stethoscope also has a renewed design that makes it far easier to clean than before. At less than $100 on amazon, there is very little risk for this essential tool if you study or work in the medical field.

The stethoscope is the latest version of a classic that has helped clinicians perform at their best for years. It has been used by students and medical professionals to identify, study and listen to heart and lung sounds. It has a better acoustic performance than the Lightweight stethoscope. Reportedly the Classic handles lower-frequency sounds much better than the Lightweight.

Littmann classic III stethoscope

littmann classic iii. littmann classic III, littmann classic III review, best littmann classic III, litman classic iii, littman classic iii, littman classic iii

The patented tunable diaphragm technology allows you to hear different frequency sounds just by pressing. In order to hear low frequency sounds, press down normally. However if you want to hear high frequency sounds, just press harder down on the chestpiece. In this way you can focus more on your patient, rather than on your tools. In addition the non-chill rim that features every Littmann stethoscope helps your patient feel even more comfortable.

Pulling apart or squeezing the eartubes allows for easy headset-tension adjustment. The eartips, that are specially molded to snugly fit your ear, provide a tight fit. No more will they pop out of your ear during an auscultation.

Resilient next-generation tubing retains its shape and flexibility even after it’s been folded away into a pocket. It provides longer stethoscope life. due to improved resistance to skin oils and alcohol, and is less likely to pick up stains. Next-generation tubing is not made with natural rubber latex, a benefit to sensitive medical professionals and their patients. And, to play its part in the protection of human health and the environment, the next-generation tubing does not contain phthalate plasticizers.

The Littmann Classic iii stethoscope is made in the USA for consistent quality. It comes complete with large and small soft-sealing eartips, non-chill bell sleeve, and instructions.


Image result for best price on amazon

Here’s what makes the Littmann Classic iii stethoscope stand out:



Customer reviews for the Littmann Classic iii: (taken from littmann.com)

★★★★ 4 out of 5 stars.

3M Littmann Classic III tubing

I am pleased to say I am happy with the replacement tubing and cleaning of my daughter’s 3M Littmann III stethoscope. The original tubing had started to crack after plenty of use, it was purchased back in December 2015. I like the way you can find the product information by using the serial number. Thank you.

  Response from 3m-littmann:

Hello — We are so glad we were able to help replace the tubing of your daughter’s stethoscope and give it an overall cleaning. That’s great to hear that our service and warranty tool made it easy for you! It is an honor to serve her as she makes a difference in people’s lives!


★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.

Great set of ears

I have been an EMT for a year in a busy 911 service and I hear better with this than most others, also love the pediatric side, very useful!


★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.

LONG lasting!

Bought mine 14 years ago in the rasberry color. its still bright and brand new looking! works great. wont buy any other style



Possible issues:

On some occasions it has been reported that the diaphragm tends to detach too easily in the Littmann classic iii.
It seems to be a design issue. the “furrow” holding the diaphragm is too superficial and the diaphragm rim doesn’t have enough grasp to stay in place.
Whenever you try to auscultate an overweight patient or a weak patient that can’t lean forward enough to allow good space between their back and the bed, you’ll end up “sliding” the stethoscope in and once in a while, the diaphragm will come off.

What happens also in some cases, is that if you’re not attentive, you basically loose the diaphragm. Littmann has warranty though and they will send you replacements.
In the classic II however this problem has never come up. So buyer be ware!

Let us know how you get on with your Littmann Classic iii. If you are looking to buy one make sure you get the best price here, on amazon.com.

Image result for best price on amazon

Stethoscope Price – Why Do They Vary So Much?

litmann stethoscope sale, stethoscope price

Stethoscopes are manufactured by a variety of brands. That is why a stethoscope price can vary greatly. However important to remember is that when you are looking to buy a stethoscope, buy one that is suited to your field.

It doesn’t make any sense for you to get a Littmann Cardiology 3 if you are a student nurse for example. Hardly will you ever have to do an auscultation that would require the need for such a sophisticated stethoscope. You will be more than fine with a Littmann Classic.

However if you plan on specializing in cardiology or surgery in general then a Littmann Cardiology-grade stethoscope might be just what you need.

If you are an EMT however you might be better suited with a Littmann Master Classic II. These stethoscopes have an additional feature to them that they filter out excessive background noise. So they are perfect to use in a blaring ambulance. You’ll have no trouble hearing the sounds you need to hear in the line of duty.


Why does stethoscope price vary so much?

Usually it has to do with the quality of the acoustics provided. Generally speaking a more expensive stethoscope will give you a clearer sound and a better overall quality. That is not to say though that some brands..ahum..Littmann..ahum.. at some points tend to overcharge just for the sake of the brand.
I see no reason for example why the newest Littmann cardiology needs to be priced $50 more expensive than the current one on the market. The only reason I see is an economical one as they want to somehow show to the consumer that the new one is better and hence more expensive. Even though the changes they did to go from Littmann cardiology 3 to 4 are in my view incremental in nature.

Secondly of course the finishes play a bog role in the price of any item. If you have a gold-plated stethoscope vs a normal one, chances are you’ll pay a premium for the gold-plated one. But they also just look really cool!

Let’s list some stethoscopes below and I’ll go by stethoscope price:


Stethoscopes under $50

Littmann Lightweight II S.E. stethoscope

stethoscope price, 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, Black Tube, 28 inch, 2450


This is an excellent stethoscope if you are a young nursing student, a beginning med-student or if you just want to own a stethoscope. The Lightweight Littmann offers supreme acoustics that we are accustomed to from a Littmann stethoscope. However if you find it difficult to hear low-frequency sounds, I would recommend you another stethoscope.

There have been some issues reported by older people that they had trouble hearing lower frequency sounds with this stethoscope. When it comes to stethoscope price you can hardly beat the price/quality ratio with this stethoscope. Definitely a winner in my book, if you keep in mind above concerns.


MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope

stethoscope price, MDF Acoustica Deluxe Lightweight Dual Head Stethoscope - All Black (MDF747XP-BO)


The MDF Acoustica is proof that not all stethoscopes need to be Littmann stethoscopes to be good ones. Sure Littmann might have a lot of marketshare but that doesn’t mean there are other stethoscope manufacturers that can’t be just as good. This particular model has been tried and tested in trauma centers and ambulances throughout the country. All of the feedback so far has been positive. Some even saying that the acoustics on this one are as good as on the Cardiology III.

It is lightweight and feels comfortable around the neck. This stethoscope has specialized earbuds for a snug fit in your ear. It is also latex free. As a result the chances of an allergic reaction on you or your patient have been diminished. At half the cost of a Lightweight Littmann you can hardly go wrong with this one.


Stethoscopes under $100

3M Littmann Classic II S.E.
stethoscope price


If you are looking for a stethoscope to get your medical career started, This is the one. The Littmann Classic is a classic in itself. It has superior acoustics than the Lightweight version. It can pick up even the faintest of low frequency sounds, ensuring you that nothing will go unnoticed. This is a good all-round stethoscope that will get you started. You can still decide later on if you want to upgrade to a cardiology-grade stethoscope. However you’ll find that most will stick to their classic in the end. At less than $100 this is a steal on amazon!


ADC Adscope 645 Gold Sprague Stethoscope 18K Gold Plated W/Black Tube

ADC® Adscope® 645 Gold Sprague Stethoscope 18K Gold Plated W/Black Tube

Don’t let the looks of this stethoscope fool you. You might think all you’re paying for would be the fancy look of this stunning stehoscope. And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so. However the sensitivity of this ADC Adscope stethoscope truly is exquisite. A customer even wrote on amazon that it rivals that of some of the Littmanns he owns.

The downside of this stethoscope is that it is a Sprague-type stethocope, making the head quite heavy. It also comes with a bag however that one is quite big too. All in all a decent stethoscope that will truly make you look professional!


Stethoscopes over $100

At this point the sky is the limit really. You can spend a fortune if you wish on stethoscopes. However the truth is that you rarely need to unless you plan on specializing in a certain field of cardiology. I would say that 90% of cases where you need a stethoscope, you can solve those with the stethoscopes mentioned above.

Let me know your opinion on this list. Do you think the acoustics of the MDF Acoustica can be compared to that of a Littmann? What do you think influence stethoscope price?


Littmann Cardiology Series – Which one suits you best?

littmann cardiology

When you ask any doctor “What’s the best stethoscope out on the market today?”, chances are they’ll say the Littmann Cardiology 3 stethoscope.

Littmann was an actual doctor. Doctor David Littmann was born in 1906 in Chelsea, Massachusetts and was a cardiologist. He became well known for his patented Littmann stethoscope that he started selling with Gus Machlup. At the time only two versions of his stethoscope were available. One for doctors and a less sophisticated (and cheaper!) one for nurses.

Later on 3M acquired the company in the late 60 but kept dr. Littmann on board as a consultant.

Funny fact that the 1960’s era Littmann cardiology 3 stethoscope, which is out of patent, became the basis of a 3D-printed telescope. The model of which is freely available through the open source Glia project.

Currently the newest version of the Littmann cardiology series consists of the following stethoscopes:

Littmann cardiology IV stethoscope

littmann cardiology


This stethoscope is designed for medical professionals who need exceptional acoustic performance. Its innovative design provides a single. Its innovative design provides a single-piece tunable diaphragm on each side of the chestpiece.

It’s the next generation of one of the most recognized stethoscopes in the profession. It offers improved acoustics with better audibility of high frequency sounds, compared to the Littmann Cardiology 3. To hear the higher frequency sounds, turn the chestpiece to the adult-side and press firmly. The distinctive Littmann chestpiece has a pediatric and adult side. Simply flip the sides to fit the patient.

Both the adult and pediatric sides of the chestpiece have single-piece diaphragms that are easy to remove, attach and clean because the surfaces are smooth and without crevices.

3M-tunable diaphragm

The 3M-tunable diaphragm technology allows you to hear different frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure on the chestpiece. Hold the chestpiece with light pressure to hear low frequency sounds. To hear higher fequency sounds simply press a little more. This time-saving feature allows you to focus on the patient, while the non-chill rim provides patient comfort.

Headset tension is easily adjusted for head size. Simply squeeze together or pull apart the eartubes. Snap-tight, soft-sealing eartips fit individual ears completely for an excellent acoustic seal and comfortable fit. Eartips snap firmly onto the ends of the eartubes and, for safety, require a significant effort to remove.

Dual-lumen tubing combines two sounds paths in one tube, eliminating the rubbing noise that traditional double tubes create. This feature makes it possible for the clinician to hear patient sounds with less interference.

Resilient next-generation tubing retains its shape and flexibility even after folding tightly into a pocket. It provides longer stethoscope life due to improved resistance to skin oils and alcohol, and is less likely to pick up stains. Next-generation tubing is not made with natural rubber latex, a benefit to sensitive clinicians and their patients. Also, to play its part in the protection of human health and the environment, the next-generation tubing is not made with phthalate plasticizers.

The Littmann Cardiology IV stethoscope is made in the USA and is supported by a seven-year warranty. It comes complete with large and small soft-sealing eartips, large firm eartips, non-chill bell sleeve, and instructions.

Customer reviews: ( from littmann.com)

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.


A piece of perfection and a master of all. I’ve enjoyed much the joy of extraordinary purity and clearness of sounds transmitted by this very high-quality stethoscope. As a pediatric cardiologist I am sure I cannot find more satisfying experiment with this product which have certainly no competitors at this high level of performance. I have the 27”. Only I have wished if the tube was an inch or two longer, like 28 or 29. I think that gives more space and comfort while performing examination of children in their mother’s laps, and it is my personal preference.


5 out of 5 stars.

Great for moving rigs and noisy areas

I replaced my trusted cardiology scope of 30 years with a new cardiology IV. I am most impressed with its performance especially when I’m around a nosy area or getting vitals in a moving vehicle like an ambulance or rescue rig. The services provide their own equipment but what they use is inferior to the Littmann. The cardiology IV sounds are crisp and clear without the noise that other stethoscopes let in to muffle/confuse the sounds your trying to hear. If you need a stethoscope that isolates sounds better that any other stethoscope (I have tried many over the years) to preform your job than this is the one for you.


★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.

An extension of my ears!

After 25 years of faithful service, my Littmann Cardiology ll finally needed repair so I sent it in and am waiting for the return of my trusted friend. While waiting, I purchased the Cardiology IV and I absolutely love it. Being a Pediatric Nurse, I need a quality stethoscope and I had no hesitation purchasing the Cardiology IV.

My colleagues have used it and comment on how well it auscultates heart and lung sounds. Once you have an outstanding stethoscope like the Cardiology Series, nothing can compete. It is worth spending the extra money on a stethoscope that will last for many years. Don’t let it out of your sight because everyone in your department will want to use it. Wrap a fall precaution bracelet around it and put your name on it!! I will always have and always will use a Littmann Cardiology stethoscope. You will not be disappointed with any of the Cardiology Series stethoscopes.


Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

littmann cardiology

The Littmann Master Cardiology stethoscope has the best acoustic response in the Littmann series. It too feautures the tunable diaphragm that are now slowly becoming standard on other Littmann stethoscopes.

This technology allows you to hear both low- and high frequencies without needing to turn the chestpiece. Simply apply more pressure to hear the higher frequency sounds. Apply normal pressure for lower frequency sounds. This saves you both time and effort and makes the whole diagnostic procedure run a lot smoother.

To adjust the headset tension just pull apart the eartubes. The eartips are also specially designed to fit snugly in your ear. This just adds to the overall comfort.

The Master Cardiology stethoscope is made in the USA for consistent quality. It comes complete with large and small soft-sealing eartips, large firm eartips, Special Procedures Adapter, and instructions.

Customer reviews: ( from littmann.com)

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.

Best stethoscope on the planet

Simply the best stethoscope available. Crystal clear sound (beats any available product, including electronic type), durable tube, easy-to-grab chestpiece, easy to clean, 7-year warranty with a relatively reasonable price, cannot find a better choice. You want the hi-end stethoscope, and here’s the hi-end.



★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.


I owned a classic when I received the hunter and brass edition as a gift. Its fantastic. No difficulty like with the classic listening to AF etc. Only downfall it’s heavy. Other than that, fantastic.



★★★ 3 out of 5 stars.

Great stethoscope, bad tubing.

This has been my favorite stethoscope as an ER doc, but I am currently returning it due to the tubing being cracked in multiple places. This is the SECOND TIME this has happened in 6 years. Thankfully, Littmann makes return and repair easy for scopes under warranty, which this one is and has one year left. But I question why the vinyl tube is so fragile. I use vinyl tubing when I brew beer that runs boiling liquid through it, and they stay supple. Clearly from prior comments this is a recurring problem. Buying a replacement on Amazon is $85. Boo.

  1. Response from 3m-littmann:

    Hello — The tubing material may become hard when exposed to skin for long periods of time. We recommend wearing the stethoscope over a collared shirt or jacket away from direct contact with your skin. We also recommend keeping up on cleaning and care to help combat the tubing becoming rigid. Here are some tips: http://www.littmann.com/3M/en_US/littmann-stethoscopes/my-stethoscope/using-your-stethoscope/care/

    We are glad that we were able to help repair the two stethoscopes that this has happened to previously. If you would like to speak with us directly, we are always here to help: http://www.littmann.com/3M/en_US/littmann-stethoscopes/advantages/contact-us/ Thank you!



Let us know in the comments below what type of Littmann cardiology series stethoscope you have and what your experience has been with it so far!



Electronic Stethoscope – What To Look For

electronic stethoscope

Med-students for decades have used traditional stethoscopes to run diagnostics. However very few innovations have been made in the field of stethoscope technology up until the last 10 years. Electronic stethoscope have begun to come on the market and their presence in hospitals and ambulances are on the rise!

Electronic stethoscopes are still in their infancy. However several design changes and research has led to the ones on the market today. The big benefit they bring is severe amplification of sounds. In fact, electronic stethoscopes may very well be the best solution for doing auscultation in a room filled with white noise of fans, electronic instruments, and computers.

It is advised that if you are a med- or nursing-student that you get familiar with the “standard technology”. Standard stethoscopes are after all a lot more common than electronic ones. You need to be able to use any stethoscope to perform diagnostic procedures.

Some swear by a Littmann Electronic Stethoscope, others are not sure where to turn. To know what the best stethoscope is largely depends on your field of medicine and your area of expertise.


Let’s check out a few key things about buying an electronic stethoscope, and have a look at some of the best ones on the market.


What to Look for When Buying an Electronic Stethoscope:


Popular stethoscopes use complex transducers. These allow medical professionals the ability to hear heart murmurs, lung sounds etc. in great detail. Transducers turn analog sound waves to a digital sound pattern. These can then be amplified and modified for a variety of uses. This gives the user something you don’t get with a traditional stethoscope.

Ambient noise handling and reduction

Anyone who has ever been to a concert knows how a feedback loop sounds like. The high-pitch screech coming out of the speakers as a result of an amplified sound being amplified again. Such is the case also with an electronic stethoscope. Under certain circumstances loud ambient noises can be amplified by the stethoscope.

Luckily the engineers who have developed this technology have thought about this and implemented procedures to prevent this. They have come up with digital stethoscopes capable of eliminating unwanted sounds in an auscultatory process.

Communication protocol and Software

The big benefit of electronic stethoscopes over traditional ones is the fact that the analog sound waves are turned digital. Anything digital means it can be stored, modified and transmitted. As a result it is now possible to keep a record of your patient’s vital signs which can prove useful for future diagnostics.

At the same time if your patient would at some point change physicians it is easy to transfer their medical history with the click of a button.


In the early days of electronic stethoscopes they would fail prematurely due to battery failure. However current market leaders today guarantee a longer battery life. Even when used more than 25 times a day, 5 days a week with a single AAA battery.

Ease of use

User-friendly electronic stethoscopes should have easy to use controls and dedicated buttons to adjust volume up/down, power on/off and change mode between bell/diaphragm right on the head


Best electronic stethoscopes on the market today

Thinklabs ONE Headphone Amplified Stethoscope

electronic stethoscope

Thinklabs ONE is an electronic stethoscope with unparalleled sound quality. Faint sounds, heart murmurs and obese patients become that much easier to diagnose using this stethoscope. Its 100X amplification with adjustable volume controls offers unrivaled control. You’ll hear everything you need to hear!
Additionally you can even use your own headphones thanks to the audio-jack on its side.



Littmann 3100

electronic stethoscope

Extremely comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use, this electronic stethoscope is unlike other electronic stethoscopes. The Littmann 3100 provides 24x amplification and a great sound experience. Equivalent to top-of-the-line cardiology stethoscopes. It doesn’t to record any noises unfortunately. However its exclusive noise reduction technology cancels out ambient noise that may interfere with your auscultation. It has state-of-the-art sensor design and exceptional filter performance. It even minimizes any disturbance and allows you to focus more on what you need to hear.

Note that you need to have a licensed business account to purchase this electronic stethoscope on amazon.


Eko Core Digital Stethoscope

electronic stethoscope

The EKO Core Digital Stethoscope is one of the few digital stethoscopes that is … analog! You can use a standard stethoscope with this device. The EKO Core electronic stethoscope has a bluetooth device that connects to your phone or tablet. So while you run your diagnostic procedures, the digital bluetooth device transforms the analog sound waves to digital ones. As a result these digital sound patterns are then sent to your tablet or phone.

Note that nothing is recorded by the device. It simply changes the analog waves to digital ones and then sends them straight through. These can then be captured and stored in a patient’s medical record. That’s excellent if you work in a cardiology office!


Electronic Stethoscopes Are Awesome

Electronic stethoscopes in their own right are a wise choice to make. The ease with which you can transfer data is unparalleled. Although at times expensive, they can be just what you need for an advanced auscultation.

Do you use an electronic stethoscope? Which is your favorite?

Stethoscope Reviews – Make sure you buy the right one!

Whether you are a nursing student, a medical student or already a practicing healthcare professional, chances are you need to have a stethoscope with you at all time. However especially for people new to the industry the amount of variety available can be quite daunting. Therefore I have attempted to create these stethoscope reviews to provide some clarity.

First off the type of stethoscope you’ll need depends largely on what you will use the stethoscope for.

For example if you are a nursing student or already a registered nurse, you most likely will not need a cardiology-grade stethoscope to do diagnostic procedures. Usually a more standard stethoscope will do fine for regular heart-rate and blood-pressure monitoring.

However if you will do more hardcore diagnostics then a more advanced model is probably what you’ll need.


The best stethoscope reviews for medical students

Litmann Cardiology III

stethoscope reviews, Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

If you are a medical student and you are still in your formative years, I highly recommend a stethoscope that is equally versatile. Unfortunately for you this means that it won’t be cheap. Versatility costs, but at least with the Littmann Cardiology 3 you get exceptional quality for your money.

Exceptional Versatility + Outstanding Performance

As you will do a variety of diagnostic procedures, you need to be prepared for anything. As a result you need a unit that is as versatile as the Littmann Cardiology 3. In several stethoscope reviews this particular one has come out on top. The Litmann Cardiology III provides excellent acoustics thanks to its “two-in-one”-tube design.  It’s also very easy to use because you can hear both high and flow frequency sounds without having to flip the chest piece over.
It comes in 2 sizes, a 22- and 27-inch model. It is available in a variety of colors and it has a 5-year warranty.

For medical students, nothing can be more ideal than the Littmann Cardiology III stethoscope. It offers quality and versatility at a very good price. 



The best stethoscope for nursing students

Littmann Classic II SE

Littmann Classic II SE

In general the diagnostic procedures that you’ll be doing as a registered nurse will not be as demanding as those of medical students. That does not mean you can afford a cheap stethoscope however. Luckily though the Littmann Classic II SE comes in at over half the price of the cardiology-grade stethoscope described above.

There is a reason why I am not recommending you the lightweight version as the classic Littmann offers superior acoustics. I have noticed that some people who have trouble hearing low-frequency sounds do not pick them up using the Littmann Lightweight. Hence the Classic is a much better choice to pick up even the faintest of thuds.

The soft seal ear tips also help block out surrounding noise, which is especially helpful in noisy situations. It provides a convenient way to measure low and high frequency sounds by just adjusting pressure on the tunable diaphragm. This eliminates the need to keep turning the chest piece, saving you time.

3M is a known company in many stethoscope reviews and this one is no different. The value you get from this well-known and valued company is exquisite. This particular stethoscope comes with a 2-year warranty.

For nursing students, nothing can be more ideal than the Littmann Classic II SE stethoscope. For a reasonable price you get a stethoscope that’ll last you a lifetime. 



The best stethoscope for EMT professionals

Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope

stethoscope reviews, 3M Littmann 2141 Master Classic II Stethoscope 27 inch Chestpiece and Eartubes, Black

As an EMT professional, the number one concern you have when doing diagnostics is outside interference. It is imperative that you get the right results fast. Without hindrance from outside sources such as blaring sirens.

Therefore the Littmann Master Classic II is just the stethoscope for you to get those quick results without being disturbed by outside factors. Moreover, due to its “tunable technology”, you can conveniently hear both high and low frequency sounds as you examine patients. Simply apply light or firm pressure to the chest piece. With other stethoscopes you would need to turn the chest piece to perform this procedure, and you lose valuable time. This does mean however that you need to proficient in using a stethoscope. If you aren’t or aren’t yet then I would suggest to go with the Littmann Classic II SE instead.

The headset on the Master Classic II is designed for high-performance sound transmission and can be flexed as many times as needed during examinations. It is durable enough to be flexed up to one million times which allows it to provide long-lasting service.

The snap-tight soft sealing eartips provide both a comfortable fit and an acoustic seal blocking out environmental sounds that may, as mentioned above, negatively influence diagnosis. This is especially helpful in noisy situations.

As all 3M Littmann stethoscopes this one also comes with a non-chill rim that assures your patients of a pleasant examination experience.

For EMT professionals, you’ll get the most benefit from the Littmann Master Classic II stethoscope. Never miss a beat again!



Funnily enough the Littmann stethoscope feature in almost all stethoscope reviews. This one is no different as they really do offer the best bang for your buck!